High Returning Biotech Stocks

  1. Is There ANY Biotech Stock Worth Buying? YES!!

    With a stock price under $3 and a market capitalization under $300 million, this small-cap company has signed three deals with Big Pharma in the last six months. A recent FDA approval means they will turn profitable in 2012 – most probably in the June quarter. It doesn’t matter to healthcare what happens in the economy. I’m projecting a double this year and more in 2013. Don’t hesitate – Get this stock symbol now!

  2. Is There ANOTHER Biotech Stock Worth Buying? Absolutely!!

    This one has a wildly successful cancer drug, already approved, growing 20%+ every quarter (that’s 100% per year). But the stock is down 70% since approval, thanks to a misinformation campaign by the shortsellers. They are about to get their heads handed to them in the mother of all short squeezes. I’m looking for an easy triple this year, followed by another triple over the following two years. Get this stock symbol now!

  3. 103 Million U.S. Citizens Need This Drug Yesterday – I Know The Exact Date It Will Be Approved

    You can buy this stock today for less than $2, and I am projecting it will go to $24 after FDA approval in June. But you need to be in this stock now for the announcement of a second Big Pharma partnership for Europe. Oh, and the shorts are in this one too – it’s one of the most heavily shorted stocks in biotech. I’m looking for the grandmother of all short squeezes here. Get this stock symbol now!

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