Energy Technology

High Returning Energy Technology Stocks

  1. The New Process To Turn Lead Into Gold – And The 50¢ Stock That Owns The Patents!

    Words cannot convey how excited I am about this company. The lead they are using is in the lead-acid battery, and the gold is the revenues that are going to shower down on them as governments around the world require auto manufacturers to meet higher and higher fuel economy standards. I’ve owned two hybrid cars, and the engines turn off at stop lights to save gas. Now every car is going to do that – a feature that is here now in Europe, and coming to the U.S. this year. But that’s murder on battery life – unless you use this company’s technology. Watch for announcements from GM and Ford. Target: At least a 10-bagger (10 times on your cost). Get this stock symbol now!

  2. Do You Think There’s A Market for Endless, Unstoppable, 24/7 Free Electricity?

    Give this company an area 10 miles by 10 miles square, and they can produce all the electricity California uses, residential and commercial. No expensive, breakable solar panels that don’t work at night, no giant wind towers killing birds that don’t work when it’s calm. Just quiet, low-maintenance, out of sight power production. Earlier this year, the Department of Energy said this technology can contribute 10% of U.S. energy needs by 2030. I’ve identified this $4 stock as the must-own technology leader, with a $40 eventual target! Get this stock symbol now!

  3. Endless, Unstoppable, 24/7 Electricity From Mother Earth I

    One of the smallest geothermal companies, yet one of the best managements in the industry. Selling geothermal power today and expanding rapidly. Best of all, it’s completely under the radar and only a 50¢ stock! My eventual target is $4. Get this stock symbol now!

  4. Endless, Unstoppable, 24/7 Electricity From Mother Earth II

    One of the biggest geothermal companies, and also one of the best managements in the industry. Also selling geothermal power today and also expanding rapidly. An under-$20 stock headed for $40+. Buy them both in your geothermal basket, and put them away. Get this stock symbol now!

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