The #1 Performing Investment Letter’s Top Medical Device Stock – a 10-Bagger for You. No Cost!

Only ONE investment newsletter is #1 in the highly-respected independent Hulbert Financial Digest rankings for the last FIVE years – from the market top, through the Great Recession, through the still slow recovery, and back to new market highs.

New World Investor

Others may talk about their big winners (never telling you about the losers), or give themselves A+ ratings, or promise thousands of percent returns. But only ONE newsletter actually stands at the top of the Hulbert ratings for the last five years.

So we’re celebrating! And the best way to celebrate is to give you – free – our #1 medical device stock recommendation that can honestly make you 10 TIMES ON YOUR MONEY over the next few years.

Notice I did not say: “Few months.” Or “By November 7.” That’s copywriter BS, as you know, just meant to get you to pull out your credit card. I’m not sure why the big newsletter companies think it’s a good idea to lie to a potential customer to get their business, but that’s not my way.

I want you to buy this stock to rebuild your retirement fund – dramatically grow your kid’s or grandkid’s education fund – or just throw off enough extra cash to take a fabulous vacation…buy that new car…treat yourself to a boat or WHATEVER YOU WANT.

10-baggers – 10 times on your money – can be life-changers. Anyone with a lick of business sense knows it will take a while to have an investment like this mature..and it will be well worth it to stay the course to cash-in time. After that happy day, I’ll have another 10-bagger for you. It adds up!

So what is this stock? I’ll summarize here, and give you the full details including the stock symbol in your FREE report. It is a rapidly-growing medical device company selling for under $6 a share, with less than a $500 million market capitalization. Yet it is partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It has six products on the market being sold by partners, and 10 more products in development with these and other partners. It has just filed for FDA approval of its own product – the first of many.

How many? The company has no less than forty (40) projects it can pursue, one right after the other. Its technology is well-protected by numerous worldwide patents, with many more coming. It has over $30 million in cash, no debt, and will turn profitable this year. Due to its small market capitalization, it is almost unknown on Wall Street. Only five analysts say they follow it, but there hasn’t been a Wall Street update since February 2007.

What does this mean to you?

  • You are getting in low, before Wall Street is paying serious attention.
  • You are not getting in too early – the company is selling products and about to turn profitable.
  • You are not getting in too late – the stock is going to soar when their own product is approved by the FDA, and I have no doubt that it will be approved this year.
  • You are not taking a chance on the economy, because healthcare does well whatever the economy is doing. No one ever postponed an operation because they wanted to see the next employment number first, or wait for Bernanke to say something.

I want you to fill out the form on this page right now to get the detailed report in your in-box, including name and stock symbol, on my #1 medical device buy recommendation. Don’t forget, the report is FREE. Then I want you to buy this stock in every account that needs a boost to its returns, in whatever weighting you think is sensible. Finally, I want you to wait and watch with me as this highly experienced management team – they own over 10% of the company – delivers us 10-bagger returns.

Very truly yours,
Michael Murphy

PS – I’m an honors graduate from Harvard with a major in economics. I’m a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 40 years of investment experience. I’ve run hedge funds, mutual funds and private accounts. I’ve written three books on economics and investing. I’ve been writing an investment newsletter for over 30 years. My New World Investor is the #1 newsletter for the last five difficult years…

And I have rarely been so excited about an investment as my #1 medical device company. I want you to join me on this journey to 10-bagger (that’s 1000% !!!) returns.

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