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High Returning Mobile & Video Internet Stocks

  1. The One Company That EVERY Smartphone and Tablet Maker has to Buy From

    What’s the biggest problem with smartphones and tablets? It’s a tie between washed-out images due to bright light, and short battery life. This $3 Stock has solved both of these problems with heavily-patented chips that are going into the next generation of smartphones and tablets right now! That’s why I’m confident about my $12 target price, and hopeful we will see it this year. Get this stock symbol now!

  2. The Toll-Taker For Cell-Phone Traffic Growth

    As fourth-generation (4G) smartphones and tablets start shipping, there’s a terrible shortage of bandwidth to connect them. Customers hate dropped calls and slow connections. So the scramble is on to build more towers. This $5 stock has the cheapest, fastest way to connect those towers to the network – not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Every major cell phone service provider is talking to them. My target is $20, this year or next. Get this stock symbol now!

  3. The New Internet Runs At The Speed Of Light – Thanks To This $8 Stock!

    The all-optical network has been a dream of mine and half of Silicon Valley since I started my technology stock career over 40 years ago. After a long search, I’ve found the optical company that is knocking the cover off the ball with new products that run rings around the competitors. You don’t need to understand the technology (I’ll take care of that) to understand this: I’m targeting a triple to $25 this year. Get this stock symbol now!

  4. AT&T, Verizon, and the Company That’s KILLING Them in Commercial Internet Service

    In major cities, you can call AT&T or Verizon to get a T-1 business Internet line installed in four to six weeks, for about $1,000 a month. Or you can call this $3 stock and get the T-1 connection for $500 a month, installed in two days. (Well, four hours if you’re desperate.) And now they can offload cellular phone traffic to their network, offering cell phone service providers a way to supply much more bandwidth without spending a dime on new infrastructure. Be on board when the contracts are announced, and the stock heads for $9 this year and $16 next. Get this stock symbol now!

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