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We trade in and out of the major Exchange-Traded Funds, both the metals (GLD, SLV) and the miners (GDX, GDXJ, SIL). We own very few individual miners, because most are a liar standing next to a hole in the ground. I need to see successful, experienced managements with reputable bankers behind them, working on properties that are potentially huge winners. Otherwise, I won’t waste my time and your money chasing will o’ the wisps.

And I was very happy to find the support companies – the last two on this list – that are providing the picks and shovels to all these miners.

  1. The Stealth Gold Prospector Locking Up The Yukon – under $1 stock!

    The original gold rush in the Yukon focused on panning large amounts of gold from streams, and although many went looking for the Mother Lode in the mountains that was feeding the streams, no one ever found it. Until now. It turns out there are several Mother Lodes, and these guys are locking up as many as they can. They’ve built successful gold companies before. At less than $1 a share, this is a no-brainer. Get this stock symbol now!

  2. This $3 Stock Is The Cheapest Gold and Silver Play In The World – And For Sale For $15 a Share!

    Dividing market capitalization by gold-equivalent ounces, this is the cheapest prospect developer I know. They are prospecting in not one, but two proven areas, with huge acreage. And they are backed by one of the wealthiest and most successful investors in the precious metals industry. Management said they plan to sell at $15 a share – and the stock is under $3! You must own this one. Get this stock symbol now!

  3. Why The World’s Best Gold Play Doesn’t Prospect For It, Mine It, Finance It or Take Royalties On It.

    So what the heck do they do? They are contract drillers, with special strength in hard-to-reach “greenfield” areas, and less-developed countries. Wall Street barely follows them, and the consensus estimates are laughably low. The company is extremely well-managed and growing like a weed. Get this stock symbol now!

  4. A $2 Stock You Can Buy and Hold Forever – Collecting Dividends!

    They don’t drill, but they do finance – 12% interest and a share of your future gold and silver production, please. This is not the Silver Wheaton / Royal Gold royalty model. Loans typically run only 12 to 24 months, while their share of metals production runs for years. And it happens to be run by THE BEST natural resources group in the world – not just my opinion, almost anyone would agree. They are committed to returning cash to shareholders in the form of ever-increasing dividends. Buy it now and let them fund your retirement in 10 years. Get this stock symbol now!

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