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“Murphy is one of the most influential and provocative voices in technology. His buy-and-sell pronouncements have the power to move markets.”

Money Magazine

“…his actual performance could be called brilliant.”

Peter Brimelow, CBS MarketWatch

“For the second year in a row, the Michael Murphy value-priced technology screen led the way.”

American Association of Individual Investors

“Michael Murphy should receive a Bill McKibben Award for his achievements over the past few decades. Not only because he was one of the few warning us of the 2008 meltdown well in advance. Not because his “New World Investor” newsletter was ranked No. 2 in Hulbert Financial Digest’s 2009 list, with a 148% return. Not because he has a great new book, Survive The Great Inflation. Murphy deserves an award because he’s totally committed to ‘finding biotechs that will be able to treat the superbug plagues and to technology that can keep people in their ancestral place, growing their own food, yet fully participate in the modern world and commerce. In him I see a modern-day Zen master with a powerful message about the future for commodity investing, for America and the world.”

Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch/The Wall Street Journal

“Michael Murphy has made a career out of bold biotech picks that explode.”

Jeff Reeves, Outside The Box

“His success is beginning to look significantly sustained…”

MarketWatch/The Wall Street Journal

“One letter with a strong post-Crash record that has shown itself capable of both bullishness and bearishness is New World Investor, edited by Michael Murphy.”

MarketWatch/The Wall Street Journal

“Consider Murphy’s newsletter, whose first-place 12-month Hulbert Financial Digest ranking can be traced primarily to stock selection. In selecting stocks, Murphy pursues what some have referred to as a rifle-shot approach: Of the stocks that appear on the horizon, he pulls the trigger when he spots one through his rifle scope that looks promising.”


“I’ve been getting Michael Murphy’s New World Investor for more than three years. In that tine I’ve made lots of money…his weekly reports are very interesting and he actively addresses subscribers’ comments and questions. I recently renewed for three years and it will be the only newsletter I get when my others expire.”

Posted by traydon on

“A near legend in Silicon Valley for his stock picking prowess.”

Nation’s Business

“Murphy is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable tech and med-tech gurus on the Street.”


“Murphy’s book provides a solid approach for individuals who want to invest in technology stocks, combining elements of both the growth and value styles of investing. It also provides an excellent overview of the industry.”

American Association of Individual Investors

“He still approaches the sector with the passion of an evangelist. His mission: to demystify technology by explaining in layman’s terms how it works.”

Money Magazine

Michael Murphy has also written three financial investment books:

Every Investor’s Guide to High-Tech Stocks and Mutual Funds

Investing In High Tech

Survive The Great Inflation: How to Protect Your Family, Your Future and Your Fortune from the Worst Fed Regime Ever

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